If you are excitedly anticipating the holidays and making way for pumpkin and pinecone everything or would prefer to avoid them altogether, or are somewhere in between, this blog is for you!

I believe the holidays can be a time of joyfulness for just about anyone. Much of it comes down to our perspective and how we choose to celebrate.

The end of the year often comes with highs & lows.

Christmastime somehow makes everything seem a little more beautiful. It’s a perfect time of year to be more charitable, reconnect with loved ones, showcase holiday decor, and get to the snow. Or, to take time away from our busyness. I love to curl up on the sofa and watch all the classic holiday movies.

But the holidays can be lonely or stressful for some. I once had a freshly cut Christmas tree sent to my home via FedEx to avoid going to the tree lot by myself. And let’s not forget the potentially awkward gift situations and shopping crowds. I would also venture to say a big stressor for some is the holiday family drama.

All things considered, I love the holidays!

With a change in my perspective and how I have chosen to celebrate, I have experienced the truer meaning of the season in recent years, making it all the better.

This blog’s holiday favorites include baking recipes, gift ideas & solving holiday dilemmas. If you’re a dog lover, even better!

I wish you a happy & healthful 2018!




(photo credit: Shutterstock)