Healthy Recipe: Spring Greens with Chickpeas & Chicken

As I finished detoxing from too many holiday chocolates, I asked my husband to make his healthy chickpea chicken spring greens dinner. I find it wholly satisfying, and leaving me with a healthy feeling.

Below, is the simple recipe that can make for a healthy lunch or dinner. We usually have it at dinnertime, and it’s plenty. I like to enjoy the chickpea chicken salad with nothing more than just chilled water with lemon.

So what’s so great about this meal regarding health?!

fresh greens

Highlighted Health Benefits

Well, chickpeas’ health benefits include improved digestion, essential vitamins, and minerals. It also helps to control blood sugar. Not to mention this garbanzo bean is an excellent source of plant-based protein that increases satiety. (Source:

The spring greens have vitamin K, A, and C, along with calcium, folate, and manganese. They also contain an assortment of antioxidants.

Further, cooking with avocado oil allows you to prepare meals safely at higher temperatures, as it is less likely to run rancid (unlike some other cooking oils at higher temperatures.) Avocado oil is a healthy fat source.

These are just a few highlights. This recipe offers additional wellness with healthier seasonings and extra virgin olive oil, and organic free-range chicken as a source of lean protein.

Chickpea Chicken Spring Greens Recipe

chickpea chicken spring greens


  1. Use 1 bag or head of lettuce / organic spring greens
  2. Grill or bake chicken, using avocado oil & a generous amount of “Buffalo Seasoning” (Flavor God brand, or any taco-like spice) 
  3. Add 1 can organic chickpeas – vegan and/or organic 
  4. Add 3/4 cup of feta cheese
  5. Optional: Add one sliced avocado
  6. Toss with olive oil & balsamic vinegar


Happy and healthy eating to you.



Recipe Photo: Sprightly Spruce




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