My Two Cents On Finding Inner Peace

It was late fall, and I was at a traffic standstill on a gorgeous stretch of highway surrounded by Redwood forest. The light rain created a mist that made it all so rustic and holiday-like. It was my favorite time of year, yet I was miserable. I had lost my inner peace.

Not because of the traffic.

Life had been hitting me hard, and I left a good company for a new position. I ignored a gut feeling and ended up with a nightmare manager. Insomnia soon became the price of my emotional stress.

It was a rough patch, but I had survived worse. So why was it that a decade later, I remembered my despair that day in traffic as though it were yesterday?


It was the moment I accepted that if I wanted to have balance and joy, I had to respond to life differently. 

My Two Cents On Finding Inner Peace 

  • Past mistakes do not define you. Show yourself how much you have grown as a person by doing better.
  • You cannot please everyone. People-pleasing is a dead-end street, not to mention just plain exhausting. Be honest with yourself and others. 
  • Silence your inner critic. When you constantly criticize yourself, ask yourself if you would ever talk to a friend this way? Be kind to yourself.
  • Being wronged and choosing to forgive does not mean you are tolerating an injustice. It means you are actively taking away its power over you.

“We are chained to that which we do not forgive.”

– Richard Paul Evans
  • Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Sometimes the best answer is something we never even imagined for ourselves.
  • Getting up early in the morning does make your day better.
  • Being a good confidant helps keep a clear conscience.

“Do not repeat anything you will not sign your name to”

– Author Unknown
  • The more you organize everything in your life, the easier your day.
  • You are not required to take on the nonstop drama. Be a supportive friend, and trust that real friends will respect boundaries and celebrate successes. Hang onto those friends because they are gems.
  • Listen to your gut feeling.
  • There is no perfect time to pursue a goal or take a chance. Just get started. The more overwhelming the task, the more steps. 

The best lessons have been through life’s heartaches, failures, successes, rejections, achievements, career change, surprises, regrets, and faith.

On NYE 2020, I posted my favorite life lessons learned. 14 Life’s Truths For Overcoming Worry & Having Faith

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