My Shelter Dog Lit Up the Holidays!

Rescue Dog

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Seven years ago, I brought home a shelter dog that would brighten the holidays, as well as my life.

Rescue dogs are often diamonds in the rough, and it was one November afternoon that I found such a gem. I named a very sweet and beautiful spaniel-mix, Cooper.

Here are just some of the many ways Cooper brightened our first holiday together:

  • Cooper already knew all about love and selflessness; such a perfect example of the Christmas Spirit. 
  • My new pup was a hit with our Thanksgiving company!
  • Neighbors and complete strangers starting wishing me a Happy Holiday on our dog walks.
  • Rain or shine, it was fresh air and three walks a day, making for a healthier holiday.
  • This watchdog alerted me to gift package deliveries and protected our home.
  • I gained a cuddly companion while watching Christmas movies on the sofa. 
  • I found an adorable canine Christmas stocking to show off on the mantel.
  • The option of having a Christmas photo card presented itself with my new furry friend.
  • The happy distraction relieved me from some of my usual holiday perfectionism. 
  • Floppy ears and a wagging tail nipped any holiday blues in the bud.
  • With each Christmas present opened, this overjoyed canine plunged his nose into every gift bag and box, outshining whatever was inside.
  • Call it a Christmas miracle, but after being around nice purebred dogs much of her life, it was this lovable shelter dog that turned my mother into a dog person!

Dogs are amazing animals that simply make life better.

If you’re considering getting a new dog, I recommend checking out Top Dog Tips.

For tips on pet safety and the holidays, visit the ASPCA. Their information covers hazardous foods, plants, Christmas trees, and more.


Carrie & Cooper


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