Sprightly Spruce is a holiday blog at heart.

My favorite holiday endeavor is creating fun & festive baking recipes. I try to use the healthiest ingredients possible, without sacrificing taste! Other favorites include my Christmas tree obsession, unique gift ideas and documenting the seasons with my new and novice photography.

My husband and I live in a historic downtown neighborhood with my precious rescue dog, Cooper. We both have demanding careers, so we cherish our home life. So much that we’ve embraced our homebody nickname given to us by our pastor at our December wedding a couple of years ago.

A “social introvert” that likes to travel, enjoys good coffee, getting outside with my dog, or hitting challenging hiking trails for the time in nature might describe me well. Reading or writing with my furry friend at my feet, or with his head on my keyboard to signal when it is time for a break is how I like to recharge.

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