My Top 40 List! Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Women

Stocking Stuffers are such a great tradition, but finding really good ones takes a little thought & effort. I truly enjoy finding unique gifts. Thus, I have created a top-40 stocking stuffer list . But first, there is historical component to consider!

To start, give an orange.

As a child, my parents put oranges in our stockings, which were just old socks. At the time, I thought my parents were just too busy to bother with store-bought Christmas stockings and treats.

Well, it turns out it was an old Christmas tradition. Orange and nuts in a stocking were once considered a luxury. But, there is also folklore that explained the oranges and old socks. St. Nick, in his generous spirit, provided for a family that had fallen on hard times.

A widowed merchant worried he wouldn’t be able to afford dowries for his three daughters to marry. On Christmas Eve, St. Nicholas slid down their chimney. He saw the girls’ stockings hanging by the fire to dry, so he filled them with gold coins. The gold provided for the family, and the daughters married.

Hence, an orange in a stocking represents the gold coins from Old St. Nick!

Now onto modern-day stocking stuffers, we go.

40 Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

1. Makeup (Nordstrom Rack often has bins of cute makeup samples and kits)
2. Winter ChapStick or Lip Balm
3. Organic Maple Syrup
4. Christmas Morning Pancake Mix
5. Slipper Socks
6. Vegan Hand Soaps (Think Cinnamon, Coffee or Peppermint!)
7. Travel Emergency Kit
8. Ring Dish
9. “What I Love About You” Book
10. Mini Bottle of Prosecco or Champagne
11. Crossword Puzzle Book
12. Book Light
13. Stainless Steel Water Bottle
14. Travel Candle Tins
15. Holiday Matchbox
16. Mini Preserves Gift Set
17. Fashion Forward Coasters
18. Gift Cards

19. Gloves or Mittens
20. Holiday Blend Coffees
21. Hot Cocoa
22. Bath Salts
23. Hand Cream
24. Sleep Mask
25. Bag Clips
26. Tea Infuser
27. Cooking Spices
28. Chocolates
29. Notebook
30. Recipe Cards
31. Screen Cleaner
32. Smart Phone Charger
33. Burt’s Bees Everyday Essentials Beauty Kit
34. Compact Mirror
35. Travel Mini Ceramic Flat Iron
36. Cell Phone Grip and Stand
37. Engraved Coffee Spoon
38. Holiday Kitchen Towel
39. Back Scratcher
And last, but certainly not least.
40. Chocolate gold coins (Just like the orange!)

Merry Christmas & Happy Stocking Stuffing!



Photo credit: Dreamstime

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