14 Life Truths for Overcoming Worry & Having Faith

Tonight is New Year’s Eve and I’ve decided my New Year’s resolution for 2020 is to worry less + have more faith. While deciding that I can really do this, I reflected on some life lessons I’ve learned over the years that continue to ring true for me. Admittedly, some of these life truths were learned the hard way.

14 life truths that continue to ring true:

  • If you experience rejection, whatever form it may take, it is often a necessary “loss” to pave the way for something even better to enter your life.
  • Fear-based decisions are typically the wrong decision. Make decisions with confidence.
  • The wonderful thing about dogs is that you can choose them for their looks, and chances are they’ll be just as beautiful on the inside.    
  • Worrying about what other people think suffocates authenticity and self-confidence.

 “What other people think about you is none of your business”

  • Do not underestimate the power of prayer.
  • Running shoes, nature trails, and fresh air can fix many things!
  • Do not give up if you perceive others to be better than you. Do your best version of you and success will follow.
  • Be gracious in both victory and defeat.
  • You can’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s actually a good thing.
  • You cannot live your life for others. It will end in resentment and precious time lost from your own unique purpose in life.
  • Nurture your dearest friendships. If you are still in touch with your childhood friends, you are blessed.
  • Choosing a career based solely on prestige or money can lead to misery. I’ve noticed the most fulfilled people really enjoy what they do for a living.
  • When feeling caught up in social media, it’s time to take a break. No need for any announcements, just take a break.
  • We can learn much from our dogs. A home, love, food and water, fresh air, and purpose are all the blessings we need.

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