14 Ideas For Celebrating Christmas Alone

This December 25th, I will be celebrating Christmas morning by myself. Just my dog and me. Initially, this felt like a lonely way to start this joyous day. However, I now see it as the gift of peace and time for reflection.

My plan:

Wake up early, put on my coziest socks, make coffee and read by the lit tree while contemplating the reason for the season. Dog at my side. Holiday music in the background. Complete coziness.

I’m looking forward to my morning walk with my dog because the downtown neighborhood is so peaceful on Christmas. The church just three blocks over rings the most beautiful sounding bell throughout the day. Hopefully, I will get to hear the bells.

In planning for this day, I came up with 14 ideas for celebrating by oneself in the Christmas Spirit, along with a little self-care.

14 Ideas for Celebrating Christmas Alone:

1. Read scripture or anything inspirational.
2. Get outside to breathe in the fresh, crisp air. Appreciate the quietude and beauty.
3. Volunteer.
4. Brainstorm on motivating New Year’s resolutions.
5. Exercise. A well-populated walking or hiking trail sounds ideal.
6. Listen to Christmas music and prepare some appetizers or dessert for Christmas dinner.
7. Write yourself a letter to open Holiday 2018 with goals or a wish list for the season (Place it in your ornament box!)
8. Do something kind for someone, anonymously.
9. Decide to sponsor a child, either domestically or internationally with a charity.
10. Write out New Year’s cards to loved ones.
11. Watch classic Christmas movies.
12. Start a gratitude journal.
13. Decide to read the Bible in 365 days, starting on Christmas Day. Sign up for an online guide.
14. Start a Pinterest page or board with the most meaningful quotes and sayings you can find!

Above all, always remember Christmas means we are never alone.

Merry Christmas!



Photo credits: Dreamstime

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