12 Safe-Yet-Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas Under $35!

Christmas is a time of giving, and a thoughtful Christmas gift expresses this very spirit! However, when it comes to a new dating relationship, neighbors, coworkers, or Secret Santa gift exchanges, finding the right gift can be a challenge.

I’ve certainly been there, so I wanted to create a list for anyone finding themselves in this little predicament. The key is safe, yet thoughtful. No need for an awkward moment!

I found 12 fun & fitting Christmas gift ideas between $10 to $35 that are “safe” yet “thoughtful.”

Note: No affiliate links are on this post; these are examples that I just thought would make really good gifts!

1. Personalized Wooden Spoon Sets

Kitchen spoon sets are a cute gift for someone that spends time in the kitchen, cooking. Check out these personalized wooden spoons on Etsy for ideas. (Tip: Give Etsy 2-3 weeks to deliver.) Wooden Spoons.

2. Spa Gift Set

A unique or non-generic spa gift set. Here’s an example of a simple, yet elegant spa gift from Pinterest called the “Holiday Pamper Box.”

3. Smart Phone & Apple Watch Docking Station

An iPhone or Apple watch docking station could be a perfect Christmas present for someone that’s into their tech gadgets.

I saw this example for under $30 on Pinterest: Docking Station. Or, check out this one on Etsy, for less than $20: Another Docking Station.

4. Candle

Yes, a candle. But, not just any candle. Make it a good one. Look at these candles for ideas on how sweet such a gift can be.

On Etsy: Christmas Candles , On Etsy: Candle Set. (Remember to give orders on Etsy a good 2-3 weeks for delivery.)

5. Journal

For someone into writing or recording their goals, a journal is a cool gift. Here’s an example of a classic, timeless Journal.

I recommend writing a note or quote on the inside cover!

6. Live Potted Mini-Christmas Tree

An adorable mini-potted Christmas trees from 18″ to 30″ is perfect for the person that loves Christmas, but has limited space. I found this tree online as an example: Mini Christmas Tree

Tip: You can find a mini-tree under $20 by visiting your local nursery or grocery store. Be sure to dress it up with a ribbon around the base!

7. Wine

If you know your gift recipient’s favorite type of wine, you can find a brand that suits them.

For instance, Fit Vine has a holiday edition for health-conscious types. (My husband loves this brand and will go to great lengths to locate it.) Whatever the bottle, wrap it creatively, or try a fun holiday wine bottle sweater. I love the kraft paper wrapping on this wine gift: Click here for an example

8. Books

It’s hard to go wrong with a book on a topic your friend/coworker/date is interested in, or you could try something with inspirational quotes. Grab a coffee and browse the bookstore!

9. Stainless Steel Coffee Travel Mug

A travel mug is fitting for a serious coffee lover that takes their morning caffeine on the go while battling the rush hour commute!

Finding a coffee travel mug with their first initial or favorite motto is a nice touch: Something like this…

10. Beanies

This is a great winter gift for a hat lover. My husband gave me three very cute beanies for our first Christmas, and I thought it was great.

Check out Urban Outfitters, Beyond Beanie USA, REI, Amazon, or any favorite store.

11. Cozy throw

A cozy throw or blanket is suitable for just about anyone!

For a little inspiration, check out this cute gift: Cute Throw Blanket.

12. Belgian Waffle Maker

Last December, this was our favorite surprise gift.

Include Christmassy waffle mix – think gingerbread, chocolate peppermint, or cinnamon.

Hope this helps! Happy Gift Giving!

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

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